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Types of Employment Physicals

If your profession has required medical standards set by local, state or federal government, you will most likely need to undergo routine physicals as a part of your hiring process or continued certification. Employment physicals cannot be used against an employee and can only be requested once an offer has been made, but certain professions may require medical certification prior to receiving a license. Employment physicals offered at our urgent care clinic include:

BasicMed Flight Physicals

Passing a BasicMed Flight Physical is a federal requirement in order to attain your pilot’s license, and clears you to operate a small aircraft with up to six passenger. During your physical, your doctor will be able to check for any previously undiagnosed conditions that may prevent you from moving forward in your certification. Because certain conditions can disqualify you from receiving a pilot’s license, it is recommended to visit a state-approved physician for a BasicMed Flight Physical prior to beginning flying lessons to prevent the loss of time and money. Medical conditions that can prevent you from moving forward in your licensing process include substance abuse, personality disorders and having a permanent pacemaker.

DOT Physicals

As a professional driver, you may need to attain a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate in order to receive a Commercial Driver’s License, allowing you to operate larger, commercial vehicles including cargo trucks and buses. In order to receive certification, your physician will check your eyesight, stress, hearing and other aspects of your overall health. While checking to make sure your eyesight matches the 20/40 requirement with corrective lenses, your physician will also check for color blindness as they make sure you can tell the difference between the colors on street signs and traffic lights. Your hearing will be checked, as well as your blood pressure. During your physical, your doctor will also request a urinalysis to check for conditions such as diabetes, though your employer may request a routine drug screen as well.

Functional Capacity Evaluations/Return-to-Work Exams

After sustaining a workers’ comp injury that requires you to miss a period of work, you may be required to undergo a physical to ensure that you have healed properly and to clear you to resume work safely, without causing further injury to yourself or others. Your doctor will check your injury for signs of complications before checking your motion and flexibility. You may be required to undergo a routine drug screen to check for therapeutic levels of medication.
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