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Tick Bite Prevention & Treatment

Did you know that tick season starts in the late spring and lasts into the fall? The small insects thrive in warm temperatures, especially near bodies of water. Throughout New Jersey, there are four main types of ticks that can spread different strains of disease, including Lyme Disease. In order to prevent tick bites, there are several steps you should follow when outside on your own, with friends or with your family.

Preparing to Go Outdoors

Before you go outside, it is critical to make sure you have the correct gear and protective clothing, especially if you are going to be in an area with high grass or woods. You should make sure you are wearing long pants and sleeves, leaving a minimal amount of skin exposed. Tuck your pant legs into your socks to prevent a tick from climbing up your leg, and make sure you are wearing closed-toe sneakers or boots. In order to easily find ticks in your clothing, make sure you wear light or brightly colored clothes to make dark ticks stand out. Before leaving, make sure you use an EPA-approved insect repellent that contains permethrin or DEET to discourage ticks.

After Returning Indoors

Immediately upon returning inside, you should perform a tick check immediately, going over your clothes and your body to make sure that a tick did not get underneath layers of clothing. Take each layer of clothes and run them through a dryer cycle on high to kill any ticks that may be stuck to the fabric. If you brought your dog along, make sure they are checked for ticks as well. If you are planning on spending an extended amount of time outdoors, consider wearing light or brightly colored clothing to make ticks more visible and easy to detect.

Receiving Treatment

If you find a tick on your body or clothing, it is critical to go to your local urgent care facility for extraction and treatment right away. Lyme Disease can develop if a tick is left on the skin for up to 36 hours. If Lyme Disease is detected early, there are many effective treatment options to combat the infection.

Lyme Disease & Tick Bite Treatment in Aberdeen, NJ

If you find a tick on your person, visit AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen for immediate walk-in treatment. Our physicians will be able to remove the tick, test it for disease and begin treatment for any illness you may have been exposed to. Most major insurances are accepted. For questions about our services, please call 732-583-5100.