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The Importance of Sports Physicals for Student Athletes

Fall sports are here, which means that if your child is participating, they will need to undergo a physical! Based on requirements put forth by your school district, your child may need to have a physical before the first practice or tryouts. A sports physical is critical to making sure your child can safely participate in athletics without increasing their risk of getting hurt or exacerbating old injuries. These can apply for one season or the entire academic year.

What happens during a sports physical?

There are two parts to a sports physical. Your doctor will take some time to go over your medical history before a physical examination to check for any undetected injuries or condition that can affect your ability to play safely.

Going through medical history

In addition to asking about the athlete’s medical history, the physician will ask about any serious illnesses present in the immediate family. If an injury has been sustained recently, the doctor will ask how it happened as well as about the recovery process. Bring a list of over-the-counter and prescription medications your child is on with the symptoms each alleviates including allergies and asthma.  

Physical examination

The doctor will check your height, weight and blood pressure and check your vision and hearing, with and without corrective lenses. Your posture and reflexes will be checked along with your heart, lungs, throat and ears for potential issues that have been undetected. If you and your doctor have discussed previous injuries, the area will be examined to make sure everything healed correctly to prevent further injury during practices or games.

Treatment for undetected conditions and injuries

If your doctor finds a previously undetected injury or condition during your physical, they will be able to provide treatment or refer you to a specialist in order to get the care you need to safely participate in athletics. If no issues are detected, you will be provided with the necessary documentation to have on file at school.

Sports Physicals for Student Athletes in Aberdeen, NJ

If you are in need of a sports physical for your child before the start of the fall season, visit AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen today! Our center is open convenient evening and weekend hours, so you can come in after work or school! Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions about sports physicals, including the schools we work with, please call 732-583-5100.