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Benefits of Getting an Early Flu Shot

With the calendars changing from summer to fall, it’s important to make sure you are ready for flu season. Each year, millions of people experience symptoms of the virus as it reaches an epidemic by the end of its run in late spring. However, you do not need to fall victim to this illness: influenza is easily prevented by getting an annual flu shot for protection from the early fall through the late spring. There are many benefits to getting your flu shot, especially before the people around you begin to get sick.

Your flu vaccination will not be immediately effective

The flu shot is designed and re-engineered each year to match the current strain of the virus, giving your body a chance to see what a weakened version of it looks like as you learn how to fight and defeat it. Your body will take about two weeks to learn what the virus is and how to beat it, during which time you may come into contact with the virus at full strength. Because you will not be immune yet, you can still experience symptoms. Getting your flu shot early in the fall gives your body time to learn and adjust without worrying about getting sick.

Less of a line for more efficient visits

As it gets closer to the recommended window of late October for immunization, you may notice longer lines and wait times at local minute clinics, your primary care physician or pharmacies. By getting your flu shot now, you’ll be able to skip the line and experience a more efficient visit by getting it done with other shots, physicals or testing.

Preventing the flu now applies for the whole season

No one likes getting sick. Many winter illnesses, especially the flu, can lead to many symptoms that require you to stay home from work or school, using up valuable time off not on holidays or quick weekend getaways but on days sitting on your couch or staying in bed, experiencing fever, chills, nausea and headaches. Getting your flu shot doesn’t stop you from getting sick altogether but can limit the intensity of the symptoms you have as well as the need to stay home. Getting a flu shot is the only way to prevent getting the flu virus. Speak to your physician about getting a second flu shot for protection later in the spring.

Flu Shots for Walk-In Patients in Aberdeen, NJ

If you are interested in getting your flu shot early to make sure you are protected for the duration of the season, visit AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen today! Our center offers extended hours seven days a week for walk-in patients. For questions about flu shots and treatment, please call 732-583-5100.