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Reducing Workout Injury Risk

As the fall gets into full swing with falling leaves and higher chances of rain, you’ll be making changes to your exercise routine and moving indoors for more activities such as sports and the gym. Because you’ll be upping your level of activity and movement, you’ll be vulnerable to a heightened risk of injury. In order to stay safe, make sure you follow these tips when adjusting your workout routine to the season.

Start small when starting a new routine

When you begin a new exercise routine, it is important to ease yourself in in order to give your body time to get used to moving in new ways.  Starting with low numbers of reps and increasing by 10% each week can help dormant muscles learn how to move in newer ways and help your body get used to it without immediate injury.

Stretching is key

Another way injuries can happen is by going right into your workout without taking time to stretch and prepare your body for an intense workout. While you warm up, make sure you take some time to perform light to moderate stretching to get your muscles stimulated and prevent injuries like torn ligaments and muscle sprains. These injuries can leave you on the bench for several weeks to several months as you heal.

Stop when you begin to feel sore

Listen to your body. When you begin to feel sore, don’t take that as a sign to go even harder. If your body is beginning to feel tired, continuing a workout at full speed or pushing yourself to a breaking point can make you more vulnerable to serious injury.

Not sure where to start? Get some help!

If you are new to a specific form of exercise or want to learn how to properly condition your body for exercise, don’t rely on books and videos to teach you everything. Work with a trainer or a professional at your gym to teach you proper technique and form, as well as the best exercises to meet your body’s unique needs.

Injury Treatment in Aberdeen & Matawan, NJ

if you sustain an injury while working out, don’t wait to get it checked out. Visit AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen for diagnostic imagining and treatment. Our urgent care center has shorter wait times and more affordable treatment options than a traditional emergency room, and you don’t have to make an appointment. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions, please call 732-583-5100.