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Preventing Injuries While Carving a Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time to relax and give thanks for different aspects of your life, surrounded by family and friends. However, the day can also be stressful between making sure everything is thoroughly cooked to the main event: carving the turkey. Nerves and distractions from a chaotic table or loud surroundings can lead to missteps and cuts, leading you to spend your Thanksgiving in a waiting room instead of watching football or holiday movies. If you’re going to be carving the turkey at your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration, follow these tips!

Give the turkey time to breathe before carving

Your turkey will need time to cool after spending several hours in direct heat. The juices from the meat will be scalding hot and will have risen to the top of the bird, where they pose a splatter risk when cut. In order to avoid burns, wait at least half an hour to carve the turkey after it is done cooking to allow the juices time to settle and the meat time to cool. This will help prevent burns to both yourself and everyone sitting around the table in range.

Sharpen your knives

Did you know that a dull knife can do more harm than good in a kitchen setting? Especially when cutting into a meat dish, a dull knife can lead to slips and pauses, which can cause you to cut with more vigor on the next slice. If you’re holding onto the turkey to keep it steady, you could be more at risk for cuts. Prior to carving your turkey, make sure you run your knives through a knife sharpener, a long metal rod that is sold with most knife sets. Instead of holding on to the bird, use a meat fork to keep steady, as well as an electric knife for a consistent slice. Slice away from where you are standing and keep a plate underneath to catch each piece as its cut.

Carve in a well-lit area with limited distractions

The easiest place to avoid accidents is a quiet, well-lit space. Not only will the cuts of meat be more consistent, stopping fights between family members over who gets more, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing and avoid any accidents from people shouting suddenly or accidently bumping you while carving.

Injury Treatment in Aberdeen, Matawan & Morganville, NJ

If you cut yourself while carving a turkey, you should get it checked immediately, especially if:

  • You feel numbness around the cut
  • You cannot comfortably move your hand or fingers
  • The wound cannot be cleaned out

Visit AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen is you sustain a cut or laceration. We will be able to treat your wound and perform stitches if necessary. Most major insurance plans are accepted, and walk-in patients are always welcome. For questions, please call 732-583-5100.