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How To Treat a Sinus Infection

Your sinuses are the cavities that surround the nose. This includes cavities in your forehead, cheeks, and near your eyes. When your sinuses are healthy and functioning properly, mucus drains from the nose, helping to clear out any dirt, debris, or harmful bacteria. A sinus infection occurs when the mucus gets trapped in a sinus cavity, which allows bacteria to grow more easily.

If you have a sinus infection, there are several ways you can treat it and help relieve your symptoms.

Take over-the-counter medicines.

With a sinus infection, you are likely to experience symptoms such as pain, fever, and headaches. Over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen can all be used to help relieve some of these symptoms.

Use nasal spray.

To reduce swelling and congestion in your nasal passages, you can use an over-the-counter nasal spray. Be sure to read the directions for your nasal spray, as some may cause side effects, and misuse (or too much use) can actually result in increased inflammation, which can mean your infection sticks around longer.

Turn on the humidifier.

If you aren’t already sleeping with a humidifier, you should consider it, but it can be especially helpful when you have a sinus infection. A humidifier helps add moisture to the air – and breathing in the extra moisture can help soften dried mucus in your nasal cavities. This can help relieve a blockage that is causing your infection, and also help reduce congestion.

Irrigate your nose.

Nasal irrigation has been shown to relieve the symptoms and length of a sinus infection. The most common way to irrigate your nose is with a neti pot. It is important to research neti pots and use them correctly if you plan to try this remedy.

See a doctor.

If you sinus infection persists for more than a week, it may be time to see the doctor. Your doctor will determine if your sinus infection is caused by a virus or bacteria. If it is bacterial, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. A doctor may also prescribe saline nose spray to flush out excess mucus, or a steroid spray to help with excessive swelling.

Sinus Infection Treatment in Aberdeen, Matawan & Morganville, NJ

If your sinus infection has persisted for longer than 7 days, visit AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen for walk-in sinus infection treatment and care, so that you can be on your way to feeling better, faster. Most major insurances are accepted. For questions, please call 732-583-5100.