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COVID-19 Updates, Concerns, FAQs for the Fall Season

Summer was expected to see a reduction in Covid cases. However, more Americans became carefree with safety measures and only a few got vaccinated. This trend, therefore, led to the surprising yet predictable surge in the number of cases in the US. 

The fall is fast approaching, yet the figures are rising. In fact, about 84 percent of all states in the country are currently experiencing a rise in COVID cases. Sadly, both adults and children are getting admitted for COVID treatment. In response to this trend, the government, regulatory bodies, employers, and medical personnel may be making drastic changes this fall. 

Here are some predictions on what to expect about Covid-19 this fall:

  • Amended mask policies

You may need to wear a mask in the coming months to access public services like buses or public places. These measures have already been effected in high-risk states and may soon become nationwide. They will help to contain the spread of the virus.

  • Extension of vaccination to younger children

At the moment, only children over the age of 12 can receive the COVID vaccines. However, due to the increased number of covid cases in children, this may change. There are also reports of many pediatric units being filled with children who have been exposed to the virus. So, to minimize the spread, vaccines may be approved for children between ages five to eleven.

  • Travel guidelines

Most airlines eased travel restrictions earlier in the year. However, the new rise in cases may insist that you comply with stricter policies before traveling. For instance, planes may have to travel with fewer at-risk passengers. 

  • School and child safety precautions

Changes in this area are expected since children are at risk of being infected with the virus. This is primarily because younger children are not eligible for vaccination. 

So, schools may enforce more safety precautions and guidelines for physical attendance. It’s also worth considering allowing your children to continue virtual education. It will protect them from likely interactions with people who may be sick. If your children’s school should resume physical classes, take them for Covid testing at an urgent medical center.

  • Upcoming booster shots

The CDC has begun approvals of the third vaccine for people whose immunities have been compromised. This might likely be extended to other people in the coming months. 

Some vaccine makers are working on booster shots to fight the Delta variant of the virus. This is a welcome development since some vaccinated people have tested positive for this virus. 

If you have not been diagnosed, you should visit an urgent care center or a clinic to quickly diagnose. You can also follow frequent developments or news on COVID-19 or new waves s in your area.

In addition, children should be guided to maintain good hand hygiene and physical contact with persons who may have the virus. This will prevent the spread of COVID and other infectious seasonal illnesses,