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COVID-19 Risks and Outdoor Recreation at Public Parks

If you are planning to take a long walk in a nearby park after a tiring working week, you should consider your safety and pf those around you first. Will you be at risk for Covid-19 if you are at a park? You may be risking your health for the sake of recreational activity. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the fresh air and open space at all. By learning useful information and taking up effective preventative measures, you can reduce the possibility of contracting the coronavirus infection to a minimum. Read on to keep learning how parks are safe or not and whether you will be at risk there. 

Are Parks Safe?

Parks are open spaces providing fresh air and lush scenery. Their main purpose is to provide a recreational experience. In this pandemic, many people have lost touch with nature by staying indoors for too long. Hence, if you decide to take a stroll to a park, it is completely okay. Besides, there are certain benefits to outdoor spaces compared to indoor spaces that reduce the risk of covid-19 spread.  

Firstly, maintaining social distance at a park is easier than an indoor space. Surprisingly, staying indoors doesn’t mean that you are safe. Infected droplets from the affected person don’t easily dissipate in closed spaces like a house. However, these droplets dissipate easily in a park due to cross ventilation and have a lower risk of spreading the virus to others.

Lastly, among other reasons, one of the most important is mental health and wellness. Staying indoors for longer periods can start to affect your mental health. Expressing your thoughts, actions, and emotions and releasing stress through outdoor walks and activities is healthy.

Taking up Precautions Can Save Lives

Regardless of the benefits, parks aren’t entirely safe places and do not eliminate exposure to the deadly virus. You can take up some of the preventative measures from the CDC guidelines below to ensure you enjoy the fall season safely and minimal risk:

  • Keep a hand sanitizer for frequent use
  • Wash hands frequently (20-second scrubs each time)
  • Avoid touching objects such as chairs, benches, poles, etc.
  • Avoid moving to crowded spots in the park
  • Avoid touching your face if you touched any object in the park

Now that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is here, you must work to reduce the possibility of contracting covid-19. Prevention is the best remedy, and staying away from crowded spaces is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the Delta variant. Get your vaccination dose from the nearest urgent care center. Make an appointment if you have a busy schedule to protect yourself and consequently others.