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Can I Get A Flu Shot If I Have Allergies?

The flu vaccines or shots develop antibodies in your body after two weeks of administering the injection. The primary goal of these antibodies is to protect you against viruses. In the upcoming fall season, seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine can help combat the flu virus. However, concerns regarding allergies and flu shots are increasing for some people as the fall season comes near. 

When Do Flu Shots Contradict With Allergies?

There are multiple reasons to support the fact that minor or negligible allergic reactions do not hinder anyone from getting the flu shot. Though, in some rare cases, it is best to avoid getting a flu shot when you have allergies that contradict the ingredients of the vaccines. Thus, anyone older than six months can get a flu shot.

If you can potentially experience life-threatening allergies to the flu vaccine’s ingredients (apart from the egg protein), it is best if you don’t take the flu shot. Certain ingredients like antibiotics, gelatin, etc., can cause allergic reactions in some people. On the other hand, if you previously suffered from a harsh allergic reaction due to a flu vaccine, avoid getting the flu shot without your healthcare provider’s consultation. However, you can explore a few types of vaccines to see if they are suitable according to your health condition.

Cell-Based Flu Vaccine

“Cell-based” is a process of manufacturing flu vaccines. Most of the time, scientists create flu vaccines by growing flu viruses in eggs. In the cell-based influenza vaccines, scientists produce the flu vaccine by cultivating mammalian origin cultured cells rather than hens’ eggs.

Recombinant Flu Vaccine

Recombinant flu vaccine represents a flu vaccine manufacturing process known as “recombinant technology.” This method doesn’t involve using the chicken eggs to cultivate the flu viruses to produce the influenza vaccine. FDA licensed recombinant technology flu vaccine during 2013 in the US. Recombinant and cell-based flu shots are the only vaccines that are egg-free at the moment. Hence, people who have allergies can get these flu shots to protect themselves from the seasonal influenza (flu) virus.

Do you require further information regarding flu vaccines and shots? It is best to consult your doctor and follow all the safety tips. You should get your flu shot from an urgent care center today. Protecting yourself from an illness that is life-threatening also keeps those around you safe. You can book a flu shot or walk into an urgent care center to get the vaccine.