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The Most Festive Ways to Get Exercise on Thanksgiving Day

We’ve all had the experience of eating one too many bites on Thanksgiving Day only to find yourself feeling miserably full. Keeping an active lifestyle through the holiday season is a great way to stay healthy, avoid overeating, and promote healthy digestion. Consider one of these fun and festive ways to get your daily exercise, even on Turkey Day! 

Take a Walk 

A good walk around the neighborhood after a big meal is something that the whole family can enjoy. Taking a walk after you eat helps your body digest the food more efficiently and prevents that sluggish after-meal feeling. You can also take a nice walk earlier in the day to decompress before the craziness of the holiday begins.

Find a Turkey Trot 

Turkey trots are a tradition across the country. Search your local area to find a Turkey Trot close to home! They typically take place the morning of Thanksgiving Day. Your turkey trot will consist of a fun and festive walk or run through a designated course. Turkey trots can be as short as a 5k or as long as a marathon, so there’s something for everyone! The whole family can join in on the fun and wear matching turkey themed shirts or hats. A lot of families participate in a turkey trot every year, so that turkey day exercise can actually become a fun family tradition.

Backyard Football 

Football and Thanksgiving go together almost as good as mashed potatoes and gravy! Find a park or use your backyard to play a friendly game of football. Flag football is recommended to prevent potential injuries. Change it up by making each touchdown count for one letter: the first team to spell Turkey wins! 


There’s never a bad day for a hike through nature. Hiking on Thanksgiving Day basically guarantees there won’t be large crowds on the trails. Go out in the morning and enjoy a quiet reprieve from the holiday madness by reconnecting with nature. The leaves are sure to look gorgeous this time of year too! Hiking trails can be found to fit any difficulty level, ranging from beginners to experts. If you don’t hike often, this is a great time to try out a new and exciting type of exercise! 

Obstacle Course 

Create a backyard obstacle course using household items for an activity that’s sure to get your blood pumping. Obstacle courses are a great team sport too! Split into groups and see who can complete the course the quickest. Anyone who’s standing on the sidelines is sure to get a funny show out of it too! 

If you suffer an exercise related injury this Thanksgiving, visit a nearby urgent care center right away. Your local urgent care center can also provide COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and your seasonal flu shot.