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Digital X-Rays

Traditional X-ray scans take time: the scans take longer, requiring more of a wait to get to the machine; followed by a wait for the films to be developed by a technician before being analyzed by a doctor. The whole process can take up to several hours. With the advent of new medical technology, an X-ray can be taken and processed in under one minute by performing the imaging through a digital machine. Digital X-rays can be used to diagnose a number of internal conditions and injuries and shape the course of treatment. Our center in Aberdeen is home to a completely digital radiology department, providing our patients with full diagnosis in the safest way possible.

Benefits of Digital Radiology

Radiation is harmful to patients in large quantities, which is cut down when the images are captured digitally. Unlike traditional film X-rays, a technician or doctor will be able to zoom in and out on the scan, catching more minor injuries that can lead to chronic pain issues. While film can come out blurry due to breathing or the wrong chemistry used in development, digital X-rays will come out clearer in a fraction of a minute. In addition to being safer for the patient by using less harmful radiation, the scans can be kept safe on any hard drive or disc which allows for easier transportation if a specialist is needed.

Injuries Detected Through Digital X-Rays

Many internal injuries can be diagnosed with an X-ray, especially after a fall or accident including:
  • Bone conditions including scoliosis and rickets
  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Bone and muscle sprains
  • Joint damage
  • Muscle damage

Digital X-Rays in Aberdeen NJ

If you have recently suffered a fall and are experiencing pain as a result, visit AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen for diagnosis through radiology and treatment. We are available on a walk-in basis, saving you the hours spent waiting your turn in an emergency room. Our center accepts most major insurance plans. For more information, please contact AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen by calling 732-583-5100.