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Occupational Health

Depending on the field, your job may have specific physical and health standards that employees need to adhere to in order to perform duties without injury to themselves or others. AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen is proud to provide occupational health services including drug screens, pre-employment, and annual physicals, working with local organizations to expedite the hiring process for new candidates and maintain the health of current employees. We provide the following occupational examinations and tests for patients in the Aberdeen area:

When are Occupational Health Services Necessary?

Employers have an obligation to keep workers safe while on the job, regardless of location and duties. If your occupation requires more physical exertion, such as driving, construction or working on a production set, you may need to meet specific standards in order to perform the job safely, and you will need to ensure that your employees receive the correct care if they are injured while working. Making sure your employees are getting proper medical attention will help you maintain a productive and happier workplace in addition to reducing accidents.  

Occupational Health Services in Aberdeen & Matawan, NJ

If you are in need of a drug test as part of your hiring process or a routine physical for your job, contact AFC Urgent Care in Aberdeen to set up an occupational health program for your business. Our testing is done on-site and provides expedited and efficient results to make your hiring process run smoothly. For more information about our services, AFC Urgent Care Aberdeen can be reached by calling 732-583-5100.